TnQP WF7T/​4 SO Fixed LP

Tennessee QSO Party

Call: WF7T/4
Operator(s): WF7T
Station: WF7T

Class: SO Fixed LP
QTH: Davidson
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs  Mults
  160:    5                     5
   80:   90     52             59
   40:  115     30             46
   20:   15      3             12
   15:    1                     1
   10:    1                     1
Total:  227     85      0     124  Total Score = 106,124

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Thanks to everyone who participated in TNQP this year.  What a blast!  My
gratitude to the organizers who always do a fantastic job and did so again this
year.  Excellent work by the mobile operators--wished I had another radio to
chase more! To those of you in my log, thank you for your patience and

Not many of problems this year: logging hung up a couple of times (I don't
understand the failure mode at this point: operator, interface or
program...probably the first thing.)  Dog huddling by my feet during
thunderstorm signaled I better QRT until the lightning passed.  Besides, he was
sitting on my foot-switch and wouldn't move. By the way, the foot-switch is a
J-38. My microphone-of-shame is an old HC-4 element blue-taped onto a cheap old
computer headset (Pics forthcoming.)  My mike-of-shame seemed to work well with
my G5RV-of-shame, except on 20M where I really want it to work but does not. 
Cheap and old, that's me!

So, 20M is the bane of my existence!  I am hatching a plan for a perfectly
haphazard wire-beam pointed "out there, and that-a-way" for domestic contests.

I tried both RTTY and PSK31 but had no takers.  It was an experiment.

40 and 80 were quite good to me albeit noisy on 75.  Got a thrill when several
DX stations called me on 40CW!  Rates were unexpectedly good considering the
state of my station and mental capacity.  I even managed to load up my
G5RV-o'shame for a few QSOs on 160.  Anything under 3:1 is OK, right?

Like last year I had a blast. This is one of my favorites, and thanks again to
all for playing.

Brad WF7T/4
Nashville, TN
Davidson County
"out there, and that-a-way" 


Station (of shame)
FT-857D 100W
G5RV at 33 feet
N1MM, Winkeyer USB
Blue masking tape and J-38 foot switch.

At least I solder things that need to be quite nicely...Mad soldering skills.