CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY 2011

I will remem­ber to keep BIC (Butt in Chair, huge secret to doing well in a con­test) for next year since this one was so fun. Maybe, just maybe, I might have anten­nas with gain for the next go.

Call: WF7T
Operator(s): WF7T
Station: WF7T

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs):

 Band  QSOs  Pts  State/Prov  DX  Zones
  80:   51   57      29       4     5
  40:   73  154      21      28    10
  20:   60  119      18      23    16
  15:   78  194      11      39    14
  10:   54  128       7      25    13
Total:  316  652      86      58    58  Total Score = 171,476

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Stole away time from chores to play and I am glad I got a few hours to play on
10M...so cool to hear/work EU and Asia again! At the very least I wanted to
work 50 or so per band over the weekend. Just S&P sometimes just up/down the
band one time before I had to go do something.

Cool to hear Market Reef on 15M but just couldn't get through in the time I
allotted. I made a few mistakes during the contest: I was neglecting to log
some contacts due to my choice of macro/keystrokes. Once I discovered my error
I fixed my log handling and tried to rework anyone that was obviously not in
log.  Thanks to many for working dupes (note to self: work all dupes). Thanks
all for the Qs and my apologies for any occasional LID/QLF.

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


IC[email protected]
Doublets at ~40', 40/80M Vertical
N1MM v11.9.3, MMTTY