Dreaming of a real antenna for 160M

Just decid­ed to throw in the tow­el for the CQ WW 160M CW con­test. I guess I should be hap­py with my attempt…part-time net­ted 29 states and 1 province, no oth­er DX. I am still using the lit­tle G5RV, up 10M in the tree, unable to tune but rig not com­plain­ing that much with an SWR of 5:1. I am not sure what my effec­tive radi­at­ed pow­er would cal­cu­late, but with 100 watts to the low anten­na I am quite quiet.

The band was quite noisy, and as such I could only con­tact the very loud­est of sta­tions. I was hear­ing plen­ty of Europe sta­tions tonight (and AK/​HI last night albeit very faint­ly), so prop­a­ga­tion was fine around EU sun­rise. I just don’t have the grunt to get much past the 4 call area.

Too many peo­ple were inter­pret­ting my call as MF7T, hop­ing me to be elu­sive low-band DX!

Plans under­way for a Mar­coni and as much wire as I can get into a radi­al field in my sub­ur­ban back garden.

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