(Even) New(er) version of WSJT‑X is available!

A new­er ver­sion of WSJT‑X is avail­able from Joe Tay­lor K1JT’s site. The cur­rent ver­sion avail­able is ‘wsjtx‑1.5.0‑rc1-win32.exe”. I have installed it and it seems less quirky – more sta­ble – than the pre­vi­ous ver­sion (RC4).

WSJT‑X includes the JT9 mode, and I am quite a fan. It is a bit more effi­cient weak sig­nal-wise than JT65A for ter­res­tri­al HF, and much more effi­cient spec­trum-wise. I made a Q with K6RWM with 90 mil­li­watts on 15M, with my path in dark­ness and the oth­er end at dusk. Since my sig­nal was report­ed­ly at ‑17, I still could have dropped my pow­er by anoth­er 3db to 45mW and still had a good link.

I played a few nights back on 60M and with equal­ly good results at QRPp levels.

Image is cour­tesy of SM7VRZ!