Tick steals my mojo!

Suf­fered through July recov­er­ing from Rocky Moun­tain Spot­ted Fever (foot­note: don’t get this unless you have a month to waste feel­ing absolute­ly mis­er­able and enjoy mas­sive dos­es of antibi­otics). My extreme­ly low ener­gy lev­el has kept me from the radio. Haven’t felt like con­test­ing much. Skipped WAE CW, missed three ses­sions of Thurs­day Mad­ness, had work commitment …

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Paths to Everywhere!

I have been play­ing with HFTA soft­ware from the ARRL Anten­na Book to deter­mine the typ­i­cal take-off angles need­ed to com­mu­ni­cate to DX locales. First step was to devel­op my ele­va­tion pro­file, which I did based upon the instruc­tions includ­ed using a pro­gram named Micro­DEM. While not the most intu­itive thing in the world, I did man­age to …

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