Feld Hell

24 Hour Feld-Hell Contest!

Updat­ed: Final tal­ly… 51 QSO 23 States 3 Provinces Heard but could not work 5 or so mults…Lots of fun even though I am hav­ing some issues with my ghet­­to-fab­u­lous anten­na sys­tem: Flim­sy G5RV that breaks every oth­er wind storm. === The first ever 24 Hour Feld-Hell Con­test start­ing 1/​17/​2009 0000UTC! Check www​.feld​hell​club​.org for details. If you have Mul­ti­P­SK or Digital …

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On QSLing

I am hav­ing a new batch of QSLs print­ed up. I am tak­ing a mul­ti-pronged approach, and try­ing a cou­ple of ven­dors this time. 1. I am a big fan of cus­tom QSLs, and hav­ing a graph­ic design­er wife (very expen­sive in the form of shoes and hand­bags) it is quite achiev­able for me. My recent iter­a­tion is some­thing that I have been toy­ing with over the …

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