Rambling post (written while listening to old Country music in a cold basement in Nashville)

Been neglect­ing my weblog for too long! Some minor recon­fig­u­ra­tion occur­ring along with some addi­tion­al met­rics around con­test­ing planned here. To catch up, I have been quite enjoy­ing my IC-7600, learn­ing more and appre­ci­at­ing it with each oper­at­ing ses­sion. I am not quite set­up for SO2R, but I have added some I.C.E 419B band­pass fil­ters along with the YCCC SO2R+ con­troller. I have a sneak­ing sus­pi­cian my …

Ram­bling post (writ­ten while lis­ten­ing to old Coun­try music in a cold base­ment in Nashville) Read More »