Ft. Tuthill 80 Transceiver Build — Update 2

Ran into some dif­fi­cul­ties exac­er­bat­ed by my own stub­born­ness. Volt­ages were not good on the NE5532 U4 and U5. Upset, I asked for help on the Yahoo forum. I decid­ed to step away for a week (had work com­mit­ments in any case.) Cooled down, heed­ed advice and got it fixed! Trou­bleshoot­ing thread fol­lows (tl;dr) …

Cheap Stainless-Steel Radial Plates

Being a ver­ti­cal afi­ciona­do, I lust over man­u­fac­tur­ers radi­al plates pop­ping up. Too rich for my blood, how­ev­er, at $50 a pop. I read a recent QST Hints and Kinks col­umn where some­one decid­ed to use a stain­less drain insert and I my mind start­ed racing.


Worked TCGers: N4ARO, AB4GG, AD4EB, KS4X, and N4ZZ (all bands except 160!) Thanks all for TN. Also worked AJ4JD Tim who does not appear on the TCG ros­ter. I for­ward­ed the web­site and group links for his con­sid­er­a­tion. I wras­tled with N1MM and my Sig­naLink USB and Vista to cre­ate a CQ wav but was bark­ing up the wrong …

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