DXCC, Finally…

I just sub­mit­ted my appli­ca­tion for DXCC via LoTW. This has been an achieve­ment I have fan­ta­sized for my entire time I have been licensed. Thanks to RZ0AF Andrei I sub­mit­ted my appli­ca­tion today.

Ft. Tuthill 80 Transceiver Build — Update 1

(Hap­py Spring, by the way) Used my new awe­some AADE L/​C meter IIB to match a bunch of .1μF caps to with­in ±.0.5% and stuffed the board a lit­tle. I was steal­ing time away from work so I did not forge through…as much as I was tempt­ed. So far this has been a thor­ough­ly enjoy­able kit-build­ing experience.

Ft. Tuthill 80 Transceiver Build

When I learned that Ari­zona QRP Club AZ ScQR­Pi­ons released a new QRP Trans­ceiv­er kit designed by N7VE (Dan Tay­loe) I placed my order with­out even think­ing twice. N7VE push­es the per­for­mance enve­lope of HF design to new lev­els (think the famous Tay­loe Detec­tor) and this lit­tle trans­ceiv­er kit is no exception.

Old Man with Radio

Deep down inside, I am sim­ply a nerd. And of all of the clas­si­fi­ca­tions, I prob­a­bly belong to the nerdi­est class of all: Radio Ama­teur. I am not ashamed of my “sta­tus,” I rev­el in it, in fact. I hope to pro­duce more evi­dence as such in the com­ing weeks.